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Our Story

Near the beginning of the 1900's, the coming of the railroad had brought Quakers from the rural parts of Randolph County into the towns. Church history tells us that Quakers from Bethel, Back Creek, Hopewell, Science Hill and other meetings moved to Asheboro to work in the growing downtown. ​In June 1913, those interested in a Quaker Meeting met with the Presbyterians on Worth Street for  two years. At the end of the two years, enough interest had been built that the Quakers decided to establish their own Monthly Meeting (Church building).

              By 1948, the meeting had grown to its full capacity in its former building. In 1956, AFM decided it would begin raising funds to establish a new building on Kivett Street. Sunday, December 27, 1959 would be the last service held at the former Asheboro Friends Meeting and the following Sunday, January 3, 1960, AFM held its first service in its new building with 23 classrooms, 7 restrooms, 3 kitchens and 2 fellowship halls. in 1982 AFM built the Asheboro Friends Retirement Apartments and in 2004 converted their garage into the current Children's Ministry Building (Kids Klub) 

              We hope to continue growing as God has given us so many opportunities and has blessed up so much in AFM's history. We hope that you will join us and become a part of AFM's future, but most importantly a part of the Kingdom of God.

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